CEO Profile

Real name: Yohei Ikeda, born in Miyagi Prefecture, graduated from Gakushuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of English and American Literature. Majored in English grammar. While a student, he was involved in founding Takeda Juku with his classmate Naohiro Hayashi (Takeda of Takeda Juku was derived from Ikeda's pen name). (In 2022, he will move to Dubai, the economic center of the world, to research English language instruction that will be immediately effective in the international community, rather than focusing on reading comprehension for entrance exams. After moving to Dubai, he met Ogawa, aka Paisen, and their visions of "living in the world with Dubai as a hub" coincided, and they jointly launched the Dubai immigration support business. Currently, he provides comprehensive support for people seeking new challenges, such as helping many entrepreneurs, including Web3 entrepreneurs, to expand their business overseas, supporting expatriates to live in Dubai, and helping students to study abroad. Through his hobbies, he has developed friendships with many locals and suggests not only popular activities but also real ways to enjoy Dubai and the UAE that do not appear in Google searches.